Global Council


Global Council

Take Your Real Estate Efforts to a Global Scale

The Global Business & Alliances Council aims to provide members with information and resources to assist them in working with buyers and sellers from different cultures and countries. The Council meets to educate members on economic and cultural issues involved in international real estate transactions, provide information regarding international real estate issues, offer international networking opportunities, and promote education programs on cultural diversity.


“I got involved in Global business back in 2005. I was newly licensed and felt I wanted to combine my culture and heritage with my work. I decided to attend SIMA, an international real estate convention in Madrid, where NAR had a presence. That was the beginning for me; I got my international training and designations and started networking with brokers, attorneys, and developers from all over the world. This lead me to Argentina, Panama and Mexico to learn about their real estate practices and establish long-lasting relationships. I always wanted to share what I learned and wanted to encourage others to do the same; that was one of the main reasons I got involved in growing out SEVRAR’s Global Business & Alliances Council.”

Debra Allen
2018 Global Business & Alliances Council Chairperson

“I originally joined the Global Business & Alliances Council in 2015 after SEVRAR’s Committee Rush Day. I had lived and traveled the world from a young age (my father was in international business), and this seemed like a great way to connect with others who shared the same experiences and were interested in building bridges with other cultures. In the two years since, I’ve met people who speak different languages, have brokerages outside the U.S., and do business with clients from around the world. The Global Business & Alliances Council is a group of people who recognize the common bonds between Americans and International REALTORS® and seek to celebrate our differences through educational events, multi-cultural luncheons, and opportunities to take part in activities with our real estate peers. My involvement with this Council also spurred me to earn my Certified International Property Specialist designation (CIPS) and be part of a members-only network of more than 3,500 professionals in 45 countries.”

Matthew Hoedt
2018 Global Business & Alliances Council Vice Chair

My journey with the Global Business & Alliances Council began when the first CIPS classes were offered at SEVRAR in 2014. Since then my business has increased yearly at an average of about 21 percent. What is even more invaluable is the source of information shared that has allowed me to grow as an individual and my opportunities increased substantially. Thanks to the council, and the awesome people who are involved, my tractions are gaining momentum, and I’m now representing our country at the global level as NAR’s ambassador to Israel. It’s no coincidence, but the contrary. It pays to be involved globally.”

Joshua Sharon
President Liaison for Israel

“Being a Real Estate professional for five years and a member of SEVRAR’s Global Business & Alliances Council for two years has granted me extensive opportunities to connect with a diverse group of individuals that share common interests both on a local and global level. The ongoing involvement of the council with the Arizona community and continuing education within our industry has helped me evolve my connections worldwide. The Global Business & Alliances Council has connected me with a great group of passionate individuals that are all excited to share an experience or advice, and I’m proud to be part of such an incredible team of professionals who are passionate about Global Real Estate.”

Maggie True
Global Business & Alliances Council Member