Critical Needs


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The Critical Needs Fund

The Critical Needs Fund is the heart of WeSERV and is devoted to assisting members who have undergone hardships or tragedies in their lives. Donations are made by WeSERV members to help such difficulties and disasters like auto and motorcycle accidents, health crisis, or tragedies that would prevent a member from working or being able to support his or her family. The Critical Needs Fund is built on the simple notion of serving a higher purpose of business through charitable giving in the communities where our members live and work.

Please email Pamela Frestedt at for more details about WeSERV’s Critical Needs Fund.


Oliver’s Story

“…My son, Oliver, was in a motorcycle accident where he suffered a severe, traumatic brain injury. The medical staff did not expect him to survive. I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing the funds were to our family.”

Alishia’s Story

“We lost our oldest daughter to an overdose. We had depleted our saving trying to save Alishia in rehabilitation. Through the Critical Needs Fund, we were able to take care of the final preparations. It was a wonderful source.”

Michelle’s Story

“It is a heart-wrenching thing to lose a child. The Critical Needs Fund was highly valuable for my husband, Paul, and I as agents. It allowed us to know that our Association and fellow REALTORS® care when we are going through something tough in life. I am forever indebted to SEVRAR and this program for helping us get through this tough time in our lives, the loss of our precious son Phillip.”

Rob’s Story

“Determined that it was a Chondrosarcoma (cancerous tumor in the top of my fibula that was expanding). I honestly do not know what would have happened to my home, car and my insurance without the help of the Critical Needs Foundation.”




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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

WeSERV is governed by a Board of Directors, elected for two-year terms by the general membership. Board members are veteran REALTORS® (and Affiliate Director) who give freely and generously of their time for the association’s benefit.



WeSERV supports your interests and dedication to your community and we welcome your participation in one of our numerous committees! When you volunteer and participate, YOU help make a difference! It’s a rewarding experience being involved within a WeSERV committee, and will surely improve your Association, community, and business.