WeSERV supports your interests and dedication to your community and we welcome your participation in one of our numerous committees! When you volunteer and participate, YOU help make a difference! It’s a rewarding experience being involved within a WeSERV committee, and will surely improve your Association, community, and business.

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Networking Committees

These committees allow members to join at any time during the year.

Commercial Committee
Global Business & Alliances Council
Young Professionals Network

Affiliate Committee

Committee Chair: Seth Banda
Vice Chair: Christine Brackman
Staff Liaison: Tonya Deskins

WeSERV serves more than 400 affiliate members representing businesses as diverse as mortgage companies, home inspectors, newspapers, title companies and pest control companies. Many of these individuals join so they can keep up‐to‐date with the latest real estate information, and also take advantage of networking opportunities with REALTORS® members. Affiliate members are afforded many of the same benefits of membership that REALTORS® receive, and they can also reap a competitive advantage by belonging to WeSERV.

Affiliate Membership Application
After Hours Networking Information
Sponsorship Opportunities
Affiliate Blue Ribbon List
Affiliate Blue Ribbon Application
Affiliate Lifetime Blue Ribbon Application
Affiliate Blue Ribbon Requirements


Committee Chair: Mark Winsor
Vice Chair: Hani Aldulaimi
Staff Liaison: Melissa Zwick

The goal of the Commercial Networking Committee is to provide our members with the highest quality of commercial networking and education resources available.

Committee Chair: Matthew Hoedt
Vice Chair: Parul Tailor
Staff Liaison: Tonya Deskins

The Global Business & Alliances Council aims to provide members with information and resources to assist them in working with buyers and sellers from different cultures and countries. The Council meets to educate members on economic and cultural issues that encompass international real estate transactions, provide information regarding international real estate issues, offer international networking opportunities, and promote education programs on cultural diversity.

Find a Bilingual REALTOR®
International Day of Peace


Committee Chair: Brianna Pastore
Vice Chair: Cassandra Mueller
Staff Liaison: Melissa Zwick

The core to the Young Professionals Network’s strategic agenda is the belief that the more informed, involved and engaged young professionals are, the more influence they will have on what the Southeast Valley becomes.

NAR: Young Professionals Network
40 Under 40 Individual Application
40 Under 40 Team Application


Operational Committees

These committees require you to apply no later than the deadline. The application is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Those who are approved will serve for that calendar year AND be a voting member of that committee. If you are not an approved voting member of the committee you are still welcome to attend any of the committee meetings. However, you are not allowed to vote.

*Both the Grievance and Professional Standards committees have additional requirements. If you have questions, please contact Tonya Deskins for assistance.

Community Outreach Committee

Committee Chair: Summer Breen
Vice Chair: David Rosenfeld
Staff Liaison: Melissa Zwick

SEVRAR’s Community Outreach Committee is responsible for building and maintaining positive relationships through community involvement and outreach

Secure Lock Box Program – Chandler
Secure Lock Box Program – Gilbert
Secure Lock Box Program – Tempe
Festival of Trees Flyer
Festival of Trees Donation Form


Committee Chair: Michael Hofstetter
Vice Chair: Marti Sauers
Staff Liaison: Donna King

The Finance Committee is responsible for recommending SEVRAR’s annual budget, providing a monthly review concerning finances, and advocating financial policies to the Board of Directors. Also, the committee investigates the best methods of financing programs/projects, when instructed by the Board.

Governing documents COMMITTEE

Committee Chair: Jeffery Tipton
Staff Liaison: Pamela Frestedt

Learn about the rules that govern the internal management of SEVRAR to help guide and benefit our members.


NAR’s Code of Ethics
SEVRAR’s Bylaws
SEVRAR’s Policy Manual

Government Affairs COMMITTEE

Committee Chair: Raphael Isaac
Committee Vice Chair: Chris Dippong
Staff Liaison: Matt Ortega

The Government Affairs Committee works on behalf of more than 10,500 SEVRAR REALTORS® to ensure an environment exists in local government to promote home ownership, and to allow real estate professionals to conduct business free from onerous rules, regulations, and ordinances.

Arizona Legislator
RAPAC and You 

Grievance (Panel 1)

Committee Chair: Marlene Olsen
Committee Vice Chair: Christie Ellis
Staff Liaison: Tonya Deskins

The Grievance Committee is responsible for reviewing body for Ethics and/or arbitration complaints filed with the Association against REALTORS® to determine whether to dismiss or send forward to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing.

Grievance (Panel 2)

Committee Chair: Stephanie Dow
Committee Vice Chair: PJ Selby
Staff Liaison: Tonya Deskins

The Grievance Committee is responsible for reviewing body for Ethics and/or Arbitration complaints filed with the Association against REALTORS® to determine whether to dismiss or send forward to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing.

Information Systems Committee

Committee Chair: Jack O’Neal
Committee Vice Chair: Ben Burklow
Staff Liaison: Daniel Ochoa

The Information Systems Committee assists the Association and its committees in defining specific needs and providing forums for information exchange. The Committee recommends effective avenues for the exchange of information among the membership, the public, SEVRAR, and ARMLS.

Committee Chair: Craig Peck
Committee Vice Chair: Tiffany Jones
Staff Liaison: Pamela Frestedt

The purpose of the Leadership Development Committee is to provide recommendations for nomination and election of Officers and Directors, determine guidelines for the Leadership Academy, and select candidates for SEVRAR’s REALTORS® of the Year, Affiliate of the Year, and Community Service awards.

Committee Chair: Matthew Remus
Committee Vice Chair: Kelly Sorkin
Staff Liaison: Barney Thornton

The Marketing Home Tour Committee centers on providing a forum to educate members on current market trends, property inventory, and topical events within the SEVRAR community.

Professional Development Committee

Committee Chair: Kelly Soriano
Committee Vice Chair: Mark Poisson
Staff Liaison: Tonya Deskins

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for planning and promoting diverse educational opportunities at SEVRAR and ensuring that all members are provided with unique programs for their specialty areas (i.e. Commercial; global). The committee also assists with promoting special seminars and educational offerings of other Association committees and NAR sanctioned Institutes, Societies or Councils.

Professional Standards Committee

Committee Chair: Mary Ann Shryack
Committee Vice Chair: Shane Dodd
Staff Liaison: Tonya Deskins

The Professional Standards Committee conducts due process hearings in accordance with Bylaws on alleged violations of the Code of Ethics, Arbitration, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation.

Property Management

Committee Chair: Larry Stover
Committee Vice Chair: Sandy Baber
Staff Liaison: Barney Thornton

The Property Management Committee provides property management specific, timely, and relevant education to SEVRAR’s REALTOR® membership.

RAPAC Committee

Committee Chair: Jeff Murray
Committee Vice Chair: Torey Gannon
Staff Liaison: Matt Ortega

The REALTORS® of Arizona Political Action Committee (RAPAC) is a bipartisan Political Action Committee (PAC) that vets candidates who are pro-business, support lower taxes, and have pro-growth positions on issues that affect the business of real estate.



Comforting Hands

Critical Needs Fund

The Critical Needs Fund is the heart of WeSERV and is devoted toward assisting members who have undergone hardships or tragedies in their lives.

Woman Leading Meeting

Leadership Program

Behind every successful REALTOR® is a sense of community. The more you know about your community and become involved in the area that you live and sell in, the more successful you are likely to be.

Man Signing Paperwork

Disputes & Complaints

A real estate professional’s membership in the Association distinguishes him or her from non-members because Member REALTORS® voluntarily accept the obligation to meet the standards of practice and conduct set forth in The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.