The REALTORS® of Arizona Political Action Committee (RAPAC) is a bipartisan Political Action Committee that is designed to financially support candidates running for local, state and nation elections whose positions are to support the needs of real estate professionals in Arizona. The crux of RAPAC is also to educate real estate professionals and candidates on issues concerning the industry, and to ensure that no decision is made on behalf of the real estate industry until REALTORS® are heard!

Flood Insurance Extension Update

Congress Passes a Two-Week Extension to the National Flood Insurance Program.

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RAPAC has assisted with the following issues

RAPAC helped stop hits to the Mortgage Interest Deduction for American homeowners saving them thousands of dollars. Homeownership is not a loophole!

According to NAR research, more than 3/4 of homeowners utilize the deduction over the period they own their home and eliminating it would cause a 15% decline in the value of home ownership across the nation.

RAPAC has stopped costly fire sprinkler mandates for single-family homes and saved your clients thousands of dollars.

RAPAC stopped Homeowners’ Associations from charging additional fees when transferring a deed between family members.

Simple Ways to Invest

RAPAC offers an investment plan that provides you with an easier and convenient way to make your investment via installment payments.




The West and Southeast Valley Regional Association of REALTORS® is committed to providing a dynamic, vibrant and successful future for its REALTOR® Members.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

WeSERV is governed by a Board of Directors, elected for two-year terms by the general membership. Board members are veteran REALTORS® (and Affiliate Director) who give freely and generously of their time for the association’s benefit.



WeSERV supports your interests and dedication to your community and we welcome your participation in one of our numerous committees! When you volunteer and participate, YOU help make a difference! It’s a rewarding experience being involved within a WeSERV committee, and will surely improve your Association, community, and business.