The group consists of an elite and passionate group of REALTORS® who shape the political future for the real estate industry.

The following SEVRAR members are leaders in the industry and, by their level of investment in RAPAC, are among the top 2% of all REALTORS® in the nation.


 Payment Plan

One-time Payment

The 2016 RAPAC Investment period ends on November 30, 2016.


Platinum R
(Investments of $10,000)
  • Elizabeth J. Harris

Corporate Investor
(Investments of $10,000)

  • Southeast Valley Regional Association of REALTORS®
Golden R
(Investments of $5,000 or greater)
  • Shivani Dallas
  • Dena Greenawalt
  • William Ryan

Crystal R
(Investments of $2,500 to $4,999)

  • Margery B. Wilson
Sterling R
(Investments of $1,000 to $2,499)
  • J. Douglas Adcox
  • Wyndi Austin
  • Shane M. Cook
  • Randal L. Courtney
  • Pamela J. Frestedt
  • Keri Hoge Means
  • Tiffany M. Jones
  • Catherine M. Joyce
  • Janet L. Kane
  • Gina H. McKinley
  • Jeff S. Murray
  • Yvette Myer
  • Craig Peck
  • Julie R.B. Quesada
  • Heidi G. Quigley-Larke
  • Chellee C. Robinson
  • Mary Ann Shryack
  • Heather Taylor
  • Duane E. Washkowiak
  • Lee Worthington


Doug Adcox, 2014 Crystal R
Wyndi Austin, 2014 Sterling R
Shane Cook, 2014 Sterling R
Shivani Dallas, 2014 Crystal R
Danette Earnest, 2014 Sterling R
Pam Frestedt, 2014 President's Circle
Dena Greenawalt, 2015 Sterling R
Nicole Hamming, 2014 Sterling R
Liz Harris, 2014 Platinum R
Keri Hoge Means, 2014 Sterling R
Tiffany Jones, 2014 Sterling R
Cathy Joyce, 2014 President's Circle
Janet Kane, 2014 Sterling R
Jeff Lucas, 2013 Sterling R
Laurie McDonell, 2014 Sterling R
Gina McKinley, 2014 Sterling R
Todd Menard, 2015 Sterling R
Jeff Murray, 2014 Sterling R
Craig Peck, 2014 Sterling R
Marge Peck, 2014 Golden R
Heidi Quigley-Larke, 2014 Sterling R
Bill Ryan, 2014 Crystal R
Dee Schippel, 2014 Sterling R
Mary Ann Shryack, 2014 Sterling R
Duane Waskowiak, 2014 Sterling R
Margie Wilson, 2014 Sterling R
Judy Young, 2014 Sterling R

Doug Adcox, 2013 Crystal R
Ben Andrus, 2013 Sterling R
Wyndi Austin, 2013 Sterling R
Shivani Dallas, 2013 Sterling R
Pam Frestedt, 2013 Sterling R
Teri Ferguson, 2013 Sterling R
Nicole Hamming, 2013 Sterling R
Debbie Hill, 2013 Sterling R
Keri Hoge Means, 2013 Sterling R

Cathy Joyce, 2013 Sterling R
Janet Kane, 2013 Sterling R
Brenda Kohles, 2013 Sterling R
Michael Lara, 2013 Sterling R
Marc Lemaire, 2013 Sterling R
Jeff Lucas, 2013 Sterling R
Jeff Murray, 2013 Sterling R
Mark Organek, 2013 Crystal R
Marge Peck, 2013 Golden R
Mike Peck, 2013 Sterling R
Heidi Quigley-Larke, 2013 Sterling R
Bill Ryan, 2013 Sterling R
Mary Ann Shryack, 2013 Sterling R
Jeff Sutherlin, 2013 Sterling R
Cathy Swann, 2013 Sterling R
Duane Waskowiak, 2013 Sterling R
Margie Wilson, 2013 Sterling R
Judy Young, 2013 Sterling R

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