Behind every successful REALTOR® is a sense of community. The more you know about your community and become involved in the area that you live and sell in, the more successful you are likely to be.

Recognizing this, in 2004 the SouthEast Valley Regional Association of REALTORS® established a leadership development program. This unique educational opportunity is not only about making you a better REALTOR®, it is also about building your community and becoming a successful leader throughout your life!


The Leadership Program permits only a limited number of participants each year. If selected, you will begin an eleven week journey designed to give you a unique in-depth perspective on leadership and what it takes to be a leader in your community. In order to graduate from the SEVRAR Leadership Program you must attend all sessions. 

Interested candidates must complete and submit an application. Those applicants that meet the criteria* will be contacted for a personal interview with the Leadership Committee.

*A REALTOR® Applicant must have a minimum of eighteen (18) months experience as a REALTOR® as of the date of the application and a member in good standing with SEVRAR. An Affiliate Applicant must be a member of SEVRAR for the past eighteen (18) months and a member in good standing with SEVRAR.

Interested candidates must complete and submit an application. Those applicants that meet the criteria will be contacted for a personal interview with the Leadership Committee.


Week 1
Thursday, FEB 02

Week 2
Thursday, FEB 09

Week 3
Thursday, FEB 16

Week 4
Thursday, FEB 23
Week 5
Thursday, MAR 02

Week 6
Thursday, MAR 09

Week 7
Thursday, MAR 16

Week 8
Thursday, MAR 23
Week 9
AAR Spring Convention
MAR 28—MAR 31

Week 10
Thursday, APR 06

Week 11
Thursday, APR 13
Graduation Ceremony


2016 Leadership Development Committee Chair
Kathryn Lansden
Tel: 480-338-1983

2016 Leadership Development Committee Vice Chair
Tom Jovanovski

Staff Executive
Janet Kane

Deadline: Friday, January 6, 2017 @ 5 PM



Stephanie Dow
Robin Fuller
Devon Heckel
Liz Hill
Tricia McKenna
Linda McSweeney
Thomas Moore
Jackie Nedin
Victoria Schreiner
Cathy Swann
Jeff Tipton
Bruce "Randy" Weber


Lidia Cruz-Whitmoyer
Shelsi Guthrie
Dorothy Hovard
Thomas Jovanovski
Michelle Mazzola
Mark Newman
PJ Selby
Michelle Shelton
Maggie Smith
Marcy Wilkinson
Leila Woodard


Becky Bell
Charles Brown

Katrina Deist

Travis Dutson

Dena Greenawalt

Tiffany Jones

Helena Kaucheck

Michael Lara

Karrie Law

Lydia Maranville

Jeff Murray

Jason Roberts


Jason Adcox
Shivani Dallas
Christine Ellis
Brandon Farrow
Dawn Johnson
Martha Kimsey
Mark Organek
Julie Quesada
Jani Savage
Judy Warga

2012 Graduates

Michelle Shen Yi Chang
Shane Cook
Debra Glowacki-Christensen
Nicole Hamming
Liz Harris
Ian Katzman
Brenda Kohles
Tricia Manara
Lisa Pizzuti
Mark Poisson
Peggie  Simmons
Marci  Slater
Jeff Sutherlin
Judith Young

2011 Graduates

Debra Allen
Margery Berbling
Carolyn Cronin
Jose Curbelo
Charles Duck, III
Catherine Joyce
Ron Krystofik
Craig Langley
Marc Lemaire
Sasha Lopez
Karlyn Moore
Laurie McDonnell
Craig Peck
Debbie Roberts
Mary Ann Shryack

2009 Graduates

Derek Anglin
Ed Cassady
Lindsey Gant Certo
Jeff Gerber
Kelly Halverson
Brent Hanks
Kathryn Lansden
Eva Madrigal
Keri Means
Linda Muncey
Larry Peters
LeAnne Quimby
Sharlene Rundio
Joanna Siravo
Beti Waddington

2008 Graduates

Gregory Bryan
Pamela Frestedt
Michael Hickson
Doug Hill
Kirsten Hill
Vickie Kennedy
Gai Lazaros
Richard Moody
Sharon Rhodes
JoAnn Ruckrich-George 

2007 Graduates

Alison Baker
Patty Ballantine
Terrance Carey
Karen Kay
Paco Melendez
Cathy Pedersen
Nancy Poirier
Gary Smith
Dianna Van Zandt

2006 Graduates

Deena Fischer
Linda Lohrman
Michael McCall
Brian Neugebauer
Edyi Nickola
Bill Salvatore
Tom Sanders
Deborah Stavropierrakos
Karen Sullivan
Constance Wilkins
Kristine Vowles

2005 Graduates

Stephanie Blaine
Eric Carlyle
Mandy Jones
Kathy M. Mayus
Beverly McCoy
Jimmee J. McNeely
James R. McNeill
Elaine Despeaux
Carolyn S. Rhinehart
Philip Robinson
Dave Sobeck
Jean Szeman
Crisanna M. Tutera

2004 Graduates

Theresa Barz
J. Manuel Estrella
Nyla Hunsinger
Dee Kepp-Schippel
Douglas McVinua
Constance Pepper
Susan Prichard
Nancy Vitkovich
Cynthia Wenstrom

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